About FFI

The Forum of Foundations in Israel serves as a meeting place for funders and professionals of philanthropic foundations in Israel, offering the opportunity to learn and share information and ideas. The membership of the Forum currently includes directors of more than 80 foundations. 


During the past few years there has been significant growth in the number of foundations investing in Israel, as well as a significant increase of professionals working on their behalf.  In addition to these, the level of professionalism and the role played by foundations in the Third Sector have been transformed. Professionals are expected to provide understanding, specialization and expertise in a wide variety of areas.  


The Forum has become an important resource for expanding contacts and cooperation between foundations and a moving force in promoting professionalism in the area of philanthropy.  The activities of the Forum include monthly or bi-monthly meetings on central social matters, meetings of focus groups on issues of common interest, professional workshops, focused educational trips and meetings with decision-makers in the public and business sectors. 


In order to broaden the activities of the Forum, and understanding the need for cooperation and coordination between foundations, the Forum continues to develop its services and to offer opportunities for professional enrichment and mutual learning. 


The Forum is currently chaired by 

Tali Yariv-Mashal PhD - Beracha Foundation, General Director